Creating Space

“Open the hip and make space,” my yoga instructor (and dear friend), Biz, leads the class.

I’m in lizard pose and tilt my front foot on its pinky toe edge, allowing the bottom of my foot to start facing the sky.  AKA: Pain.

What was my intention I set at the start of practice?  Ah yes…’I create space to allow change.’  Believe me, the irony of this thought and my current condition isn’t missed on me.  This wasn’t the space I had in mind.  I was thinking along the lines of space from attachments, of ego…I was hoping for mental space…but while my tight hips begin to release and open, I see that space is needed in many places in my life.

Why as adults do we tend to lack space for ourselves?  We’re filling our already time-crunched days with legitimate activities, but even worse… our purposeful little time wasters we so readily allow–smart phones with texting, games, updating Twitter, Facebook and Four Square.  But it’s not this amazing device’s problem.  We also allow our time to be filled by our friends’ problems, work drama, news stories, and magazine gossip.  We truly find ourselves lost for a tiny slice of space.

If these times of potential “space” or “nothingness” had room to stay, maybe better things could fill it…for instance, actually analyzing where we spend our time and determining if it’s worth it to us.

Space has been demanded during other times of our lives:  As a teenager, we wanted space from our parents for growth and self-discovery.  In an intimate relationship, we understand the value of space.  Without it one or both of you will feel “suffocated.”  A mother about to reach full term begins nesting, creating space for a new life.  Without this created room, there seems to be little ability for growth and change.

Opening ourselves up to spare time and putting down our distractions, gives us this space again. Taking a deep breath in, filling the cavities of our lungs and exhaling  gives the “nothingness” a space to live.  By allowing ourselves to be “bored”…the time to ponder what we really love to do is created.  It’s uncomfortable at first, but like everything else, with practice it becomes easier.  Give yourself this well-deserved time to be alone in the “nothingness” and watch what can be created.

“Release the foot back and come into plank.  Beautiful….other side now.”

The intense stretch begins again with the other hip, but I go back to my intention:  ‘I create space to allow change.’

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