Lake Michigan’s Solitude

I looked out at Lake Michigan, taking a break from my early morning walk.

She was calm with only some snow trapped between the rocks on her shores.  This winter scene is one I never tire of.  Although these cold months are long, I swear the Lake loves them.  It’s her rest from the activity in her harbor.  The boats, kayaks and jet skis have long been put away.  This is her time alone to rejuvenate.

I started reflecting on the last time I was truly alone.  And I mean just me.  No phone, no computer, no company.  Sadly, I know I haven’t given myself even an hour alone in years.  While working out, my phone is by my side.  Emailing from the sauna and bathtub allows for my most creative emails and problem solving.  “Work is just insane right now!” I would tell myself and others.  But it’s not work’s fault.  My phone did not walk itself onto my yoga mat or ask if it could join me in the sauna.  I allowed this.  I invited it.  Not only that, but let’s call it what it is…something in me wanted the non-stop distractions.

The cry of a seagull brought me back to the present moment.  “Look how content she is” I thought while noticing the lake again.  I realized when I’m in my thoughts I stop seeing what’s in front of me.  Oh lovely, so I’ve been walking while being both distracted and blind.  Sounds like a dangerous combo…

I let out a sigh and know I want to be more like her–content with nothing to do, content with solitude, content with being.  “May I join you?” I quietly whisper.  It may only begin with just a few minutes each day, but those minutes will grow and hopefully allow me to better understand my love of distractions.

I start walking back towards home, so thankful for this cold winter morning and our beautiful Lake Michigan.

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