Leap of Faith

I glance behind me at the soft and welcoming dirt path I know so well.  Its familiarity murmurs words of comfort, promising safety and gentleness.  The worn trail mimics a lazy serpent, slowly wandering its way through lush grasses and stoic great Maples.  Wasn’t this path intimidating at one time?  I could see in the distance a hill I had once struggled with, but now only seems like a gentle slope.

Turning back, I gulp.  Here it is…the cliff, I knew, that has been waiting for me.  The winds blow strongly in agreement and I felt my body sway from their power.  I was awestruck by this view-both appreciating the beauty and terrified.

I shuffle closer to the edge and peer down-hoping to see a net magically materialize by some divine helper…but if there was such a net, my limited sight failed to reveal it.  “Must I?” I asked myself out loud, already knowing the answer.

The options are a lovely familiar path that I’ve already outgrown, or a brilliant leap of faith, promising new experiences.  The comfort of safety is important and greatly desired in the Spring of one’s life, but now Summer was facing me dead-on and its heat vibrating with life was too great to ignore.

I close my eyes and allow one leg to hang over the edge, as if I would continue to walk onto an invisible bridge, but I quickly pull it back.  If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right.

I turn around and walk five yards back onto my old road and spin back once more to face the edge of the Earth as I knew it.  Chills of anticipation and rightness wash over my body and I exhale, dropping as many limiting thoughts as possible.

“You can do this,” I tell myself.  I begin running with the sound of my feet hitting the ground acting as a war drum….and then there was lovely silence, ready to be filled with sounds of the next phase of life.

One thought on “Leap of Faith

  1. The bridge will be there, My Sunshine…

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