Personal Power

Personal  power ….this subject has its grasp on me.  We tend to own our power partially, allowing ourselves to be powerful within situations and then giving it up at other times.  Truly powerful people, keep their center of power, but allow the give and take of it.  This ebb and flow of energy, doesn’t change the core of who they are, but rather they act more as a flexible palm tree…bending and swaying during winds of change, but still very rooted down.  Many days I see myself as that palm tree, but then a specific situation will hit and WHOOSH….I’m now a vulnerable palm leaf at the mercy of the wind’s of another.

True strength seems to come from a Source of unlimited energy, the same that carved masterpieces like the Grand Canyon.  Similar to the Colorado River that created this tremendous trench, this power is soft and fluid.  It doesn’t ask, “How long?” and seems to know time is on its side.  This place of enduring power has patience and a deep understanding of the bigger picture…even if that picture looks different than another’s.  The short-lived explosions of intense “strength” seem volatile and erratic compared to this steadfast ownership of self.  When truly owning it, there is an understanding that you one with your own mission, that straying isn’t possible so you will stand here now and forever into the future.

True power comes from understanding yourself, the situation and knowing where you can be flexible.  It is not one-sided or forceful, it’s an allowing of other’s into your sphere of your universe.  For true strength can house the opinions of others.

But until we are in that place of true ownership of personal power, maybe being the loose leaf in the storm gives us a view we’ve never seen before.

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