Breath is our life force, our prana, qi, sustenance.   Our awareness of it tends to be fleeting, recognizing it in times of lack.  We notice when we’re “short of breath.”

Isn’t it interesting that that which gives us life, that which is vitally important to us tends to be noticed only when we’re not getting enough?

Can we do the opposite and focus on our breath while it is easy, while there is more than enough?  The very act would calm our heart rate, bring new oxygen to our red blood cells, help us flush toxins, encourage growth of new cells, and bring peace to the mind.

Focusing on having more than enough could ignite the awareness of other areas in which we have plenty.  Have we always been able to have enough food?  Been able to be sheltered and have a place to sleep?  Receive and give love from friends, family or pets?

Let’s consciously bring awareness to our breath, focusing on the abundance around us.