The English language seems to have only one word for love.  We don’t have words that mean romantic love, friendship love, humanity love, etc.  With such a limited vocabulary for such a broad subject, it’s no wonder we get confused or uncomfortable when “I love you” is uttered. We have no idea what that means.

Love is that emotion that comes with complete alignment of being, when what you’re focusing on (or who you’re loving) is actually reflecting back to you, your own self. It’s feeling in the moment no separation from your focus, no separation from Universal Consciousness and the allowing of the relaxing into all.

Therefore, loving cannot have any right or wrong, times of being inappropriate or a need of being kept secret.  When love gets confusing, it is when the emotion isn’t truly love-and its name is used to mask misalignment.

Love truly is the answer to any perceived obstacle.  It’s an emotion that is able to house acceptance, compassion, humility, understanding, and God-Consciousness.  An emotion that is able to contain all positive resolutions, all allowing of change, all surrendering of separate self—of ego…this is utopia, this is allowing who you are, allowing Source within you to be the experience.

By loving we open ourselves to all possibilities manifesting into form, for Universal Consciousness is within that love and can create anything.  When we hear or say “I love you,” know another universe has just been created.