What calls you to wake in the morning? What quietly creeps into your mind while you’re focusing on your “work?” What is that idea that you just can’t shake? That is your passion.

Although we think our work and passion may be two separate things, let’s ask ourselves, how can we fuse our passion into what we are already doing? Can we serve tables artistically? Can we crunch numbers while mentally composing our next song or painting?

Our minds are our own. We get to live out our passion on the inside no matter what our tasks are on the outside. By honoring our passions, we’re honoring the truest parts of ourselves. This new focus brings peace and joy internally, which naturally flows out onto others.

Allow the wave of creativity and artist thought carry you into your daily activities. You’ll be surprised where you discover your passion can be expressed.

Let go of only letting yourself enjoy your passion when you get “there.” But rather live your passion so you are always “here” and expressing your most joyful gifts.