Finding absolute silence is quite the task. Needing to go to the depths of the sea or the heights of space seems to be the requirement. One will find here that life has limited itself to the few capable of handling these extremes. So maybe we’re not looking for absolute silence…but moments of silence.

This idea seems a luxury at first, having loud car horns blaring and ricocheting off our vehicle on our way to work, barking out our coffee orders in the Starbuck’s drive thru and trying to drown out our own monkey chatter with music coming from our stereo system. These noises are just the start of our day!

But what if silence was within these noises? What if our moments of peace were inherently embedded within each sound vibration and in it there is a space for pause, quiet, and growth. Perhaps the focus of our thoughts on the sound is the loudest part. For sound can only exist within and because of silence. The sense of “nothingness” is the white canvas, the infinite potential of darkness that houses all not-yet-formed sound. So surely silence is existing within each moment.

Our reaction to the sound is what interrupts our peace. So why react? Why form an opinion on something that is flitting in and out of existence anyway?

It’s easy to find silence on a mountain, in the depths of the ocean, and the vastness of space…but here we are, on our morning commute, participating in our daily rituals….so let’s hear and enjoy the lovely silence containing life.